Commercial aircraft and shipping containers at Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York. (Richard Heaton)

How does oil extraction affect Indigenous communities?

When rainforests are exploited for oil, people like the Siekopai in Ecuador develop cancer and other health issues from toxic runoff.
By Jonnathan Pulla Velecela

Military’s Free Pass

Military’s Free Pass

Armed forces—big polluters around the world—don’t have to report emissions
By Anny Oberlink

Bumblebees are one of many native pollinators disappearing because of climate change. (Aaron Tremper)

Why are sunny day floods becoming more frequent in NYC?

Both sea-level rise and New York’s pre-industrial marshy, natural landscape contribute. 
By Maja Clasen and Elias Guerra

How are hard-working wetlands faring with climate change?

These carbon “sinks” absorb greenhouse gases, but climate change is stressing them.
By Gretchen Smail

How do dung beetles protect against climate change?

These insects reduce methane gas emissions by rolling, burying and eating manure.
By Sunny Nagpaul

A front loader works on a two-story-tall heap of material at Sims Municipal Recycling in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. (Clark Adomaitis)

Do you feel guilty about your carbon footprint?

According to researchers, this message is a tactic used by fossil fuel companies to delay climate change action.
By Amanda Braitman

Can partial veganism ease the climate crisis?

If cutting out meat and dairy seems difficult, consider eating vegan occasionally. Just one day a week can reduce emissions.
By Nicolas Magrino

Why should sports fans care about climate change?

As heat waves, flooding, and wildfire smoke increase, athletes in every sport are struggling to perform at their best.

By James Van Bramer and Marnie Dunbar

Protesters from Fridays For Future NYC, outside the United Nations in New York. (Syed Haq)

Why are people still moving to flood-prone areas?

Affordability and other factors are attracting new residents to NYC’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.
By Mary Cunningham and Becca Redelmeier

What are Bluebelts?

New York City is constructing wetlands in coastal areas to absorb rainwater and prevent flooding.
By Amanda Salazar

How does climate change contribute to flash flooding in NYC?

The warming of oceans leads to more water vapor in the air and more heavy rainfall.
By Mike Matteo and Gerard Edic

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